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I'm a creative technologist living in New York. I was born in Minnesota in 1987 and spent my teen years traveling the country with my family. You'll find me designing, coding, building in my workshop in Greenwich Village or at the art community DRTY SMMR in Brooklyn.

I am very passionate about software, design, and user experience. I have been working as a full stack web developer since the early 2000s and have experience in a wide range of development work from video streaming, e-commerce, marketing, SAAS development, and many others. I have also worked for some large, internationally recognized, names.

Over recent years, I have assumed leading roles in many organizations. I have been responsible for instituting process, defining and implementing technical specs, ensuring scalability, creative tech development, etc.

I love working on all parts of digital products, at any stage. Whether wireframe or public release, effecting user experience with quality design and development is a great feeling. Creatively implementing technical solutions to solve business problems is my bread and butter. I've seen a lot of different challenges over the years, implementing some great solutions for some, and not so great for others, and have learned a lot in the process.

Specifically, I have extensive experience with Javascript, NodeJS, Vue, Marionette, Backbone, CakePHP, and more recently, React.

I'm experienced with web services like AWS EC2, S3, CloudFront, Heroku, MLab, Atlassian products like Jira, BitBucket, HipChat, and Slack.

I have built for a variety of platform experience from hybrid mobile apps, desktop native applications (ElectronJS), with a significant primary focus on web applications, and mobile-first web applications. I have experience in a variety of stacks incliding LAMP, MEAN, and my particular favorite right now, Heroku Linux, NodeJS, ExpressJS, MongoDB, and Vue.