Liquid Vision
Looking through rose-colored glasses


The project was to create a series of glasses that have moving colored liquid inside of the lenses. They had to be comfortable, wearable, and suitable for a high fashion photo shoot.

The frames and lenses were machined out of various acrylic materials. The liquid was a combination of oils, dye, and water. 



Project Background

When I was a kid my dad had a few of those oil/water novelty toys. You know. The ones you flip upside down, the heavy tinted oil drips down in a mildly psychedelic cascade of colorful nostalgia. The image to the left might jog your memory.

Well one night after living in New York I had a vision. What if could make glasses that make it look like you're looking through one of those things the whole time? It was time to go to work.


I experimented with a lot of materials and techniques. 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC machining. Acrylic, ABS, glass. The key was to make liquid tanks in the shape of lenses.