Robotic Drumset

Bridging the digital/analog gap in music

Musical challenge
When creating a robotic musician the musical dynamics are key. true to tone, velocity, sound, volume, etc.
Download the midi files

Electrical challenge
mosfet/solenoids/reverse-trasient voltage. Big ass power supply. Multiple hits at once. Custom circuit board
Download the circuit board design

Software challenge
raspberry pi (nodejs, midi), delay fixing
Download the software

Design challenge
3d printing, CNC Routing Lasercutting, 3D model design, material selection, ease of use, beauty, etc.
Download the 3D files

For Funsies
remote control
Download the remote control files

Machine learning
Live shows
Museum Piece
Commercial Sales
The Story

DRTY Pictures

Experiential marketing installation leaves customers in a surprising, interactive dialog with a mirror

So, I'm a resident artist here at DRTY SMMR, a commercial and residential art community here in Brooklyn, New York. Now before we were here, this space was a tire shop with this room back here being the office space. When I turned this in to my personal space, I always had this awkward one-way glass window in to the store. Well, I wanted to turn this in to something less creepy. So naturally, I installed a camera and digital body tracker behind it. Now before you go making assumptions, let me explain why.

For a while I’d been experimenting interactive window displays using rear projection to project images on to the window, and a Microsoft Kinect for passers-by to interact with it. Now around the same time we wanted to set up a photo studio here at DRTY SMMR so we could start cataloging the pieces being designed here. After a while we had the separate idea to build an interactive “digital photo booth” for customers to take pictures of themselves in the outfits they were trying on. It’s fun for customers and since  the pictures can be delivered by text or email it’s a great opportunity for us to gather their information and establish a connection while providing a unique experience.

Eventually when all of these ideas came together - we had the interactive magical photo mirror. The project was fairly clear cut. Surprise people when they approach the mirror by having it open a dialogue, give the user a transparent way to interact with the mirror that won’t pull them out of the suspension of disbelief, offer to take their picture, automatically post it to a Facebook album, offer to send them their picture over email or text.