Showtime Anytime
Migrating from Flash to HTML5

2014 - 2017

When one of the best TV networks meets the modern web browser

The project was to rebuild the Flash website page-for-page in Javascript and HTML5. The Showtime Anytime website consisted of a Netflix style website built entirely in Adobe Flash and Actionscript. After launching the rebuild, the initial load time was improved more than 5 times. Switching between pages improved more than 10 times. The site was now more testable, and more maintainable. We proved the internal development team was capable of a whole-scale rebuild on a reasonable deadline.

Marionette and Backbone were chosen for the Javascript foundation. Bower for our package management, Mocha and Chai for unit testing. LESS for our CSS pre-processing, ESLint for Javascript linting, and Gulp for building. The components we built include a registration funnel, user login, catalog browsing, viewing history, playlist management, dynamic promotions and account management. Project management software by Jira.